New Year celebration

Friday, January 6, 2012

New year celebration at Viva restaurant (top of ion) ! Great dining experience. Most importantly no squeezing with the crowd going or returning from the count down ! It was limited to only 30 customers , so the restaurant ain't crowded too. They served small finger food, which I thought was a good idea because I wasn't able to over eat so much ! HAHAH! In my Opinion, the food was really flavourful and unique. There were 5 dishes (I did not photograph one) apart from the pasta, and 3 choices of beverages.

Its size does not speak of its character . Burst of textures and well combined.

 Really smooth mash potato at the bottom, coupled with 1/4 cooked beef (not bloody at all). 
The asparagus was sautéed I think !

Almost took one home, because the beer can is small and really cute !

Great view from the restaurant!

Next up, we have a couple fighting serial. Teehee!

Very recently, there is a ninja guy who wants to make her girlfr. happy . Since he is a ninja he thought he can ninja his way to the sky and get star for his girlfr. !

 There he went, as his girlfr. watched him from afar !

 His quest for the star failed. He came back crying to his ninja girfr. , who was pissed and disappointed!

 So ninja girlfr. executed him with a deadly Ninja Power Sucking Strangle!!!!


Ninja Boy realised that he gotta fight back and returned a LAUGH-OUT-LOUD Punch !

Why am I so lame ? >.<


Arena and me ! I LOVE HER!

Do I not get a prize or applause for blogging frequently ? Kidding ! Not deserving at all ! Actually I am really glad that I went home to get my camera after service , before going to the restaurant. Beautiful memories. (:

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