Birthday gathering (2)

Sunday, February 26, 2012

My camera is here!!! Special thanks to Maoz for sending it here along with other stuffs ! Also thanks to Frilla for accompanying me to the post office on sucha hot 37 degree day!

Prepared 2 salad dishes and a main ! I only get to eat a few bites while preparing the food though! Cause I totally lost my appetite when everyone arrived. Probably, its due to me being used to eating at around 5-7 and no food after 7 , most preferably.

Chicken and spinach casserole ! Recipe from Martha Stewart.

It tasted really good and everyone finished it!

The cake for the January and Feb babies ! Elvina, Frilla, Nash and me !!!!

Fret not, we did not capture any apparition , that was just Vynnie's leg! Can you see the rest of us in tv? LOL I'm so lame!

The poloroids are so cute!

Lovee lovee

P.S. Birthday gathering (1) coming up soon !

Maple cupcakes with Chocolate Ganache frosting

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Not some recipe post though. Made these cupcakes while staying home. Actually for my whole holiday, besides going out, I'd stay home and bake. I think I baked too much . Since they are not minicupcakes and I do not have many people at home, leftovers are often fed to the garbage chute. Such a waste right? Normal yield usually produces 12 cupcakes and for me I will always get 14 cupcakes or more. Is it something good or bad?

I can say my cupcakes do not taste bad . Its just that I am very particular about its freshness, so if it's not eaten within 2 days , I feel that the even the best cupcake cannot be on par with an average-just-out-of-the-oven cupcake.

Of course, what got me started with my obsessive endeavour of baking cupcakes? Food porn ! What else? Within this holiday, I think I bought 3 to 4 baking books, mainly on baking cupcakes. Not those thin below 10 bucks ones, because I feel that those usually do not contain challenging recipes. I prefer to bake some unique ones or those with more sophisticated steps, it's like if I am already baking might as well put in more effort and work longer on them.

So pardon my very poor attempt of creating a food porn post. (:

Fine brown sugar.

This vanilla essence is sure costly.

Speaking of which I thought that those vanilla essence in supermarkets are really vanilla essence . In fact, THEY ARE NOT! They contain flavourings. Real ones are more expensive,but worth every crumb of the penny.

Oh yea , not forgetting these maple pecan cupcakes which I baked much earlier on....


Won't be blogging that soon, cause yea I am back in Melbourne without my camera :(


P.S. Did not lug my camera over here as I figured that there is probably nothing nice to take photos of.