Birthday gathering (2)

Sunday, February 26, 2012

My camera is here!!! Special thanks to Maoz for sending it here along with other stuffs ! Also thanks to Frilla for accompanying me to the post office on sucha hot 37 degree day!

Prepared 2 salad dishes and a main ! I only get to eat a few bites while preparing the food though! Cause I totally lost my appetite when everyone arrived. Probably, its due to me being used to eating at around 5-7 and no food after 7 , most preferably.

Chicken and spinach casserole ! Recipe from Martha Stewart.

It tasted really good and everyone finished it!

The cake for the January and Feb babies ! Elvina, Frilla, Nash and me !!!!

Fret not, we did not capture any apparition , that was just Vynnie's leg! Can you see the rest of us in tv? LOL I'm so lame!

The poloroids are so cute!

Lovee lovee

P.S. Birthday gathering (1) coming up soon !

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  1. KAITING! Haha just saw your comment on my blog and I thought if I replied there you wouldn't notice I HOPE YOU NOTICE IT HERE!! Hahaha thanks for commenting it makes me feel less alone on that lonely lonely blog hahaa hope that no matter what lousy decisions we make and whatever lousy situation we find ourselves in we'll make the best out of it! :D