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Thursday, March 22, 2012

Hey there,

Almost a week since I last blogged . BUT !!! It is not a week yet ! Heh Heh ! All have been great since last blog post. Remember I was talking about fasting 24 hours and only survive on water and max 4 chewing gum? I have been doing that on alternate days since last post. So I did it on Fri, Sun, Tues and TODAY ! Woah! This is the 4th alternate fasting day already!!! So fast !

Can't wait to weigh myself tomorrow!  I think AF is more manageable than daily low calorie diet! Maybe it is because I always motivate myself that I can eat AGAIN the next morning. And this apparently help me to feel less guilty when I eat and be less conscious of the calories. I do not feel as weak as I first started. My appetite has decreased quite significantly. I crave less for those unhealthy food .

Alright that is all for today, I have to upload the photos and then I can make a proper blog post !

Till then , Love ya!

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