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Saturday, April 21, 2012

Sorry for MIA-ing to any remaining beings here. Here I am to blog about Moomba Festival which was like eons ago. Here we go!!

Otw to Dinner !

Waiting to be seated at Blok M

Nash's fish was really large!

Moomba was like the biggest funfair I've ever been to. Since it is so big, most of its prizes are the same.

HAH! The stall where I won my Elephant!

Nash, Elvina & Frilla !

Anyway, started eating healthier stuffs since the start of the year . Healthy foodstuffs are pretty!

Melon balls!!! <333

Da greens !

Sorry peeps, may not be blogging until June or so ! Exams are coming and I am just not in the mood to blog, cause I cannot wait to go home !! T.T

Loves !

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