Ingredient hunt at Prahan market

Monday, May 28, 2012

Went to Prahan market with Anabelle yesterday! Kind of glad that we were late if not it is going to be damm crowded as it is a Sunday. Walked along Chapel St and saw this really cute heels-short-boots (?) from FCUK. Should I buy ? Perhaps not because I am going to look ridiculous wearing it in hot summer Singapore.  I want one of those heel-short-boots but I can't really figure how I would wear them in hot sg! URGH.

Actually, I wanted to visit Prahan market long ago as I was searching for violet syrup for my violet cupcakes, but couldn't find any in Singapore. At last ! I googled violet syrup in Australia and came to know that I could perhaps try my luck there. The web post said that it was the last bottle so I was like praying that I could find one there. PHEW ! Got it !

So pretty right ?!!! Maybe cause it is Made in France !


Lovely pastel pink ! Made in France too. Are all made in France things so pwetty??

Got 2 of these. One for myself and the other for Gigi's Parents!

Buhbyeeee! ((:

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