Geelong Trip with Belle & Jolene

Sunday, June 3, 2012


Made a trip to Geelong before leaving Melbourne. Was hoping for more nice scenery in Geelong itself... Maybe other parts of Geelong will be better. The part that I enjoyed most out of the whole trip was the long train ride. I love looking out of the window!

Part of Belle's breakfast. :p

Belle and Jolene

Collins Station ?

Star shaped puncher! I want heart shape !

Mehh Mehh! Sheeppp!

Black Horse! Horseeeyyy Horseeeyyy!

Pretty yellow flowers!


It started with Belle's craving for ice-cream then a lil of mine and I got 3 scoops of ice cream while the girls got 1 each. I'm sucha glutton!

The girls later surprised me with the cake and necklace! I was surprised and touched but I could not cry! Sorry my tear duct dry up liao! HAHAH! Really thankful for the surprise the girls set up. The best part was I was eyeing for the red velvet cake slice since I passed by the cafe. OMG They are PSYCHIC!

Jolene posing with her Camera !

Belle's creation. I like the colour combi! 

To end off, The Nerd.  (:

Till the next time, 
love loveee!

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