Earl Grey Dark Chocolate Cupcakes

Monday, November 26, 2012

Good progress I see... I am again typing with not much less or more delight, in this space. 

I love Earl Grey tea ! One of the first few teas I fell in love with. I'm a tea person btw. So without decapitating myself for any fond memories of tea cakes, for I have none. I decided to give tea flavoured cupcakes a try. Come on, I have been baking for almost everyday, producing a batch isn't as taxing as the old unexperienced me would feel, not to say a few batches. For I am not a professional baker flaunting my forte, I am merely proud of my perseverance for the past 2-3 weeks .

So let's have a go at Earl Grey cupcakes...

It's a tad too dark for my liking though. Blame it on my recently earned badge "Sweet Tooth Bearer".

Besides these, I made some other plain Earl Grey cupcakes, first few were dry but one got a tweeny bittttt too moist.

On a bitter note, I lament that I do not have much cupcake audience. Mainly because, most of my cupcake recipes are still in testing stages. Also, I do not like people to ingest products that are made by me, but deemed by me as not-pleasurable-enough to eat.  

Contemplating if I should bid this baking pilgrimage farewell....

Loves !

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