Hang In There!

Sunday, August 24, 2014

You may have guessed it that I didn't keep up with my goals from my last post.


Took the cab everyday. 

Kept up with the mini workout for only 3-4 days.

Ate a bunch of junk instead of a bunch of lettuce. (My tummy is getting so fat now!)

It has been 2 weeks since I last blogged! :(

I am really quite disappointed in myself. Why are bad habits so hard to kick? How do I get myself to be more discipline? I am so frustrated at my lack of discipline. At this rate, I am going to accomplish nothing in my life. This isn't what I envisioned myself to be. There is so many things that I want to achieve in life. However, I am afraid to take the first step or unable to because I am lack of discipline. I feel that I won't be able to take up bigger challenges in life because I can't even commit to small things. Littlest things like getting out of bed on time, or keeping my blog alive. I really want to get out of this vicious cycle of procrastination and then feeling defeated. I wonder if anyone of you feel me. I am really disgusted at myself.

Just last week, I went for the Student Representative Council interview and I was so embarrassed that other candidates had so much achievements in school. They were either head of something or have organised something before. I had nothing... Throughout my school life I have taken the back seat and now that I want to join the Student Council in my last lap of student life, I doubt I will be given the chance. 

I really have so little to offer. 



I just have to keep trying! At least, I am not complacent with my current state and think it's okay to be a bum. I believe that if I keep pushing for it, soon I will be able to correct myself before I am too old. It is hard to live everyday like your last day because we always think we will live to see the next daylight. Nobody on the airplanes that crashed knew they would die. Perhaps, some of them were like me waiting to start anew, only later when they reached their destination, but never to reach. A missile may be on it's way to turn me into ashes right now as I type, and I would be so damn pissed off at myself for I have not been making good use of my life. *Touch wood*

My life will not be wasted trying but only be wasted if I give up. 


Everyone has 24 hours a day but why are some people more successful than the others? DISCIPLINE! 

I once read that discipline is like a muscle and you have to keep training it to keep it strong. Hopefully, after forcing myself to be more discipline, it will be less of a struggle.

If I want this change badly enough, I will stick to it. 
I am so blessed to be surrounded by positive and motivated people around me.
Recently, I have been watching Superwoman's video and she is super funny!

This video really inspired me! Watch it! Watch her other videos too, especially those about parents!
Hope her videos will entertain you as much as it did to me.


For a start, I have just written down tonight's plan so that I can be productive!

Now, I shall go prepare myself a healthy dinner, with boiled chicken breast.

Thank you so much for reading!

Till next time!

P.S. If you haven't been following me on Instagram, you may not know that I have taken off my braces. Here's a picture! :)


Happier Locks Thanks To Kim Robinson Singapore

Friday, July 18, 2014

Sponsored Post

Hi all! 

Last month I was invited to Kim Robinson at Ngee Ann City to try out their haircut! 


For one thousand and one times that I walked past the salon, I have always wondered when will I ever have the chance to get a haircut in Kim Robinson. My impression of it was that I must have a billion dollar bank account to patronise the salon.

Never did I know my chance came so quickly. Felt SUPER blessed when I got an appointment fixed for my haircut!

Just to side track a little and entertain you with my pre-pampering saga... 

Got myself all dressed up for the appointment even though I had to work before that. 
Good Lord, the heels killed me in the first hour that I was out of the house and I just had to buy another pair of shoes, for survival. 
Guess what, that pair of shoes was meant to save my life the other day from another pair of KILLER HEELS. Turns out that it ain't a keeper too.

After work, I thought the new pair of comfy shoes that I bought looked hideous while walking amongst trendily clad people on Orchard Road. 
Did what I have to do and changed back to my KILLER HEELS. I swear it was so painful that I was perspiring while walking in them, within the next 64 steps I took, I went into Charles & Keith and got myself a pair of comfy platforms. 


Let's get back on track!

Finally got to Kim Robinson, what awaited was an awesome pampering session.

Just had to take some pictures of the lavish interior. Really adore how the warm lighting adds a comfortable touch to the posh decor.

 Opps, my belongings spoilt the picture.

Such great idea to accessorise your gorgeous hair after all the effort put in by your stylist right? 

Look at the elaborated room dedicated just for washing of hair! 

That's Roy Jo and his assistant doing my hair. Thanks guys! Really am loving my hair!

That was my most enjoyable salon trip because Roy Jo was super funny and we chatted throughout the hair cut. His assistant kept me entertained as she washed my hair. Her massage was so good and wasn't slipshod at all!

Didn't get to take a picture of my "before" hair because from the moment I got to know Roy Jo, he was really hilarious and couldn't stop chatting! HAHAH!

Roy Jo immediately saw through me when he said that it must have been a long time since I had a haircut. That's right.. :(  
He also added that my layers have already outgrown each other and were quite messy. Love honest hair stylists that tell you the actual problems instead of sugar coating the facts.

Roy Jo and his assistant worked their magic on my hair and I can finally say goodbye to my all tangled-up bush!

After all that effort put in...


Love my gorgeous locks and I just couldn't help it!

" Don't you love my hair Lassie???" 

Poor Lassie obviously not interested in my hair! 

 But oh wells, I really love them!

 Want to get an awesome haircut by one of the best salons in Singapore? Make an appointment with Kim Robinson today! 

Kim Robinson

Ngee Ann City Tower B #02-12
Tel.: +65 6738 8006

Thank you all for reading! Lemme give you a kiss! 

Till next time!

Malacca / Melaka Trip

Sunday, July 6, 2014

After so much procrastination, I have finally mustered all the hardworking cells in me to do up a proper blog post!

Just a month ago, Jovy and I decided to have a short getaway to Malacca/ Melaka. Got ourselves some Groupon vouchers to find out something terrible...

Just 5 days before the trip, I just noticed that my passport had less than 6 months of validity! OMFGGGG!!!!

Rushed to the ICA first thing on Friday and PHEW, I was able to collect my new passport on Monday when the trip was on Tuesday. Thank God, otherwise I would have lost $200+ on our vouchers.

Boarded the bus at some hotel near Little India and for the entire 4 hours bus ride, it was just us and the bus driver. It was really comfortable! But we got a lil paranoid when the bus travelled into some ULU areas, who knew if the bus driver would sell us or something! HAHA! 

When we finally got off the bus 4+ hours later, we had to lug our luggage to our hotel which was like 1-2 KM(?) away. It was so freeeeaaakinnnn HAWTTT! The sun was really blazing. If Singapore is bad, Melaka is worse. We figured that it was because they don't really incorporate greens into their civilisation. At least in Singapore, we have trees everywhere.

We were too early to book in so we left our luggage in the hotel's reception and headed for an ice cold dessert at San Shu Gong

The durian and original chendol was such a relieve. Thinking back, it wasn't fantastic but it felt so good because it was just what we needed in that super hot weather. I was feeling really warm and frustrated as I was in my grey tee and 3/4 Nike sweatpants, SO SUPER WARM! :( 

We had to spend our night at Quayside hotel which was situated conveniently near the Hard Rock Cafe.

According to Jovy, it was a museum and then converted to the current hotel.
The receptionist was such a friendly person! We actually chatted with him about our odd encounters (please read on).

Had a nice cold shower and changed into my #OOTD !

Spotted an arty farty wall outside the hotel and just had to take a photo of Jovy with it.
Check out our twinsie outfit.

The pretty wall made my horrible picture taking skill level up by 100. 

Guys, I want all of yall to know that my favourite chicken place is Nandos. Was so hungry and our first proper meal was Nandos. Jovy thought that it was a pity to eat Nandos when we could eat something more exotic. After some haggling , I got what I wanted! Sorry Jovy!

Afterwards, we had the very famous crepe cake from Nandeje. It was super filling 2 were more than enough for the both of us. I thought it was nothing special besides the layering texture.



Look at ma pout! 
Yea, it was warm but I just had to enrobe that cardigan to avoid stares. 
Seriously, do you think what we were wearing were provocative? We were unpleasantly flattered by the stares and cat calls. :(((

AHHH! Finally reached the Satay Celup place called Capitol. Glad that we got there before the queue really snaked down the street. 

#Selfies time!!!


A mix of ground peanut, sugar , spices and all things calorie dense.

To me it was really nothing but steamboat on sticks with satay sauce, though the gravy was slightly thicker than SG's ones.

Now, story time!! 

When we were about to pay the bill, the waitresses dropped us a name card and told us that a table of middle-aged men had already paid for us. We freaked out and sat at our table wondering what we should do.  FLEE was the tactic employed.

We got back to the hotel and asked the receptionist to drop them an email saying thanks. Even though, it was creepy but let's be nice and give thanks to those who had been nice to us.

Later that night, we bumped into them into another restaurant while searching for a coconut dessert. No escape! They were really friendly and invited us to sit with them. I could tell that Jovy was freaking out but I thought it was fine to just sit and get acquainted. 

The menu did not have what we want and they even asked if the kitchen could specially prepare that dessert for us, ermygawd...

Luckily, they did not have anything of that sort and we left after saying thanks. 

Later on...

We got lost thanks to my horrible navigation skills. When we reached the massage place, I was already drenched in sweat. So-so massage, totally uneven on either side of my body... disappointment...

Next morning, had our breakfast at Halia Inc.

Then we headed to the famous Nonya laksa, at Jonker 88.

Really springy noodles. A lil sticky though. 

Chendol time again! 

his is so much nicer than San Shu Gong's one. Gula Melaka overload.

Finally got the coconut milk shake, a blend of coconut juice, the flesh and vanilla ice cream. 
It was the only that kind of impressed me. 

The super famous chicken rice balls at Chop Chung Wah

Went there around 10 years ago, and wasn't impressed because I was a grumpy kid in the sweltering weather.
10 years later, I was not grumpy but it still did not impress me. 
Had better chicken rice in Singapore.

Really tender! I am craving for some meat now. 

Some really nice rooftop swimming pool at the hotel where the bus was suppose to pick us up. 
Did not get my final dose of massage as there was no slot.

Guess what, I got home within 48 hours, what a short getaway it is.

Would I go to Malacca again? 
Hmm, no, not anytime soon. 

I really want to go back to Bangkok. I need more massages!!! 

Enjoy the rest of your Sunday! 

Thank you for reading! <3333

Quick Update! Plus A Mini Review On The Ordinary.Co!

Monday, May 19, 2014

Hi all! Just a quick update before I get started with my revision for my course's last semester! 
*Throws confetti* 


Alright, shall take you on a ride on my hand as I type.

Thanks to all the nice people who asked me if I was okay last week.

I have been thinking a lot about starting a youtube channel, doing reviews and routines or just to talk about stuffs! HAHA! Then, I can scream through your screens and get more personal right there! I just don't feel totally validated through words! 

I really cannot wait till the end of the papers! There are so so so so soooooo many things that I want to share with you guys! And a huge part of it is going to come through pictures or videos.Thus, I would really want to get some decent lightings to give my pictures a more polished look.
BUT, I have no idea which to really get. Any advice?

So many things to buy but I only have a small purse! :(

I also can't wait to start working in Matt's Chocolate Shop again! 
Even though, I was just doing the petty little things, like dish washing, the store gave me a home-ish feel! Not to mention that they serve the ever so moist and rich chocolate cake! 

I vividly recall a lady walking into the store insisting that Matt's chocolate cake is the best in Singapore and very excitedly ordered her last piece of Matt's chocolate cake before leaving Singapore.
Do pop by at 44 Amoy Street and have a piece of heaven! OH! PLEASE TRY THE TIRAMISU! 



I made this on my 3rd day of having contact with a proper coffee machine!
Thanks to Nabbie's friend for coaching me!
Was screaming and jumping around in the store like a lunatic. Teehee!

On a side note, I wish my kitchen was ready earlier! Now, I have to wait till the end of exams to start taking in orders! :(

And, I received my orders from The Ordinary.Co last week!  

Pretty pieces, but I thought they would be more true to the pictures online, in terms of the hues.

Thank you for reading and caring! Have a pleasant week ahead! 

So Far, So Good!

Monday, May 5, 2014

Since my last post, I have been keeping to my goals diligently! Such an encouragement to myself! 

So far, I have been to the gym twice and I got to school early today without cabbing! Woohoo! All thanks to Kovic! I feel that it is going to be a great week ahead! Ordered a custom-made stamp from Drool Stamps! The owner is so super nice and I am so touched! Will tell you guys more about it once I got the stamp! 

I am crossing my fingers now that my kitchen will be ready by Wednesday, so I will be on time for the Mother's day sale!

One of today's greatest gift was that I can be sure that I read too much into something. I feel bad to have thought of things/people that way. I need to be less idealistic about relationships, (friendships, kinships, etc). I have too much unrealistic expectations which do not allow me to see from other perspectives. I should really be more understanding!

Does anyone feel the same way as I do? I hope I am not the only one! 

SORRY for blabbering! Anyway, do comment on what kind of content you would want to see on my blog!

 Alrighty! Time for bed! I must get to school on time tomorrow!

Sleep well!