Quick Update! Plus A Mini Review On The Ordinary.Co!

Monday, May 19, 2014

Hi all! Just a quick update before I get started with my revision for my course's last semester! 
*Throws confetti* 


Alright, shall take you on a ride on my hand as I type.

Thanks to all the nice people who asked me if I was okay last week.

I have been thinking a lot about starting a youtube channel, doing reviews and routines or just to talk about stuffs! HAHA! Then, I can scream through your screens and get more personal right there! I just don't feel totally validated through words! 

I really cannot wait till the end of the papers! There are so so so so soooooo many things that I want to share with you guys! And a huge part of it is going to come through pictures or videos.Thus, I would really want to get some decent lightings to give my pictures a more polished look.
BUT, I have no idea which to really get. Any advice?

So many things to buy but I only have a small purse! :(

I also can't wait to start working in Matt's Chocolate Shop again! 
Even though, I was just doing the petty little things, like dish washing, the store gave me a home-ish feel! Not to mention that they serve the ever so moist and rich chocolate cake! 

I vividly recall a lady walking into the store insisting that Matt's chocolate cake is the best in Singapore and very excitedly ordered her last piece of Matt's chocolate cake before leaving Singapore.
Do pop by at 44 Amoy Street and have a piece of heaven! OH! PLEASE TRY THE TIRAMISU! 



I made this on my 3rd day of having contact with a proper coffee machine!
Thanks to Nabbie's friend for coaching me!
Was screaming and jumping around in the store like a lunatic. Teehee!

On a side note, I wish my kitchen was ready earlier! Now, I have to wait till the end of exams to start taking in orders! :(

And, I received my orders from The Ordinary.Co last week!  

Pretty pieces, but I thought they would be more true to the pictures online, in terms of the hues.

Thank you for reading and caring! Have a pleasant week ahead! 

So Far, So Good!

Monday, May 5, 2014

Since my last post, I have been keeping to my goals diligently! Such an encouragement to myself! 

So far, I have been to the gym twice and I got to school early today without cabbing! Woohoo! All thanks to Kovic! I feel that it is going to be a great week ahead! Ordered a custom-made stamp from Drool Stamps! The owner is so super nice and I am so touched! Will tell you guys more about it once I got the stamp! 

I am crossing my fingers now that my kitchen will be ready by Wednesday, so I will be on time for the Mother's day sale!

One of today's greatest gift was that I can be sure that I read too much into something. I feel bad to have thought of things/people that way. I need to be less idealistic about relationships, (friendships, kinships, etc). I have too much unrealistic expectations which do not allow me to see from other perspectives. I should really be more understanding!

Does anyone feel the same way as I do? I hope I am not the only one! 

SORRY for blabbering! Anyway, do comment on what kind of content you would want to see on my blog!

 Alrighty! Time for bed! I must get to school on time tomorrow!

Sleep well!