So Far, So Good!

Monday, May 5, 2014

Since my last post, I have been keeping to my goals diligently! Such an encouragement to myself! 

So far, I have been to the gym twice and I got to school early today without cabbing! Woohoo! All thanks to Kovic! I feel that it is going to be a great week ahead! Ordered a custom-made stamp from Drool Stamps! The owner is so super nice and I am so touched! Will tell you guys more about it once I got the stamp! 

I am crossing my fingers now that my kitchen will be ready by Wednesday, so I will be on time for the Mother's day sale!

One of today's greatest gift was that I can be sure that I read too much into something. I feel bad to have thought of things/people that way. I need to be less idealistic about relationships, (friendships, kinships, etc). I have too much unrealistic expectations which do not allow me to see from other perspectives. I should really be more understanding!

Does anyone feel the same way as I do? I hope I am not the only one! 

SORRY for blabbering! Anyway, do comment on what kind of content you would want to see on my blog!

 Alrighty! Time for bed! I must get to school on time tomorrow!

Sleep well! 

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