Happier Locks Thanks To Kim Robinson Singapore

Friday, July 18, 2014

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Hi all! 

Last month I was invited to Kim Robinson at Ngee Ann City to try out their haircut! 


For one thousand and one times that I walked past the salon, I have always wondered when will I ever have the chance to get a haircut in Kim Robinson. My impression of it was that I must have a billion dollar bank account to patronise the salon.

Never did I know my chance came so quickly. Felt SUPER blessed when I got an appointment fixed for my haircut!

Just to side track a little and entertain you with my pre-pampering saga... 

Got myself all dressed up for the appointment even though I had to work before that. 
Good Lord, the heels killed me in the first hour that I was out of the house and I just had to buy another pair of shoes, for survival. 
Guess what, that pair of shoes was meant to save my life the other day from another pair of KILLER HEELS. Turns out that it ain't a keeper too.

After work, I thought the new pair of comfy shoes that I bought looked hideous while walking amongst trendily clad people on Orchard Road. 
Did what I have to do and changed back to my KILLER HEELS. I swear it was so painful that I was perspiring while walking in them, within the next 64 steps I took, I went into Charles & Keith and got myself a pair of comfy platforms. 


Let's get back on track!

Finally got to Kim Robinson, what awaited was an awesome pampering session.

Just had to take some pictures of the lavish interior. Really adore how the warm lighting adds a comfortable touch to the posh decor.

 Opps, my belongings spoilt the picture.

Such great idea to accessorise your gorgeous hair after all the effort put in by your stylist right? 

Look at the elaborated room dedicated just for washing of hair! 

That's Roy Jo and his assistant doing my hair. Thanks guys! Really am loving my hair!

That was my most enjoyable salon trip because Roy Jo was super funny and we chatted throughout the hair cut. His assistant kept me entertained as she washed my hair. Her massage was so good and wasn't slipshod at all!

Didn't get to take a picture of my "before" hair because from the moment I got to know Roy Jo, he was really hilarious and couldn't stop chatting! HAHAH!

Roy Jo immediately saw through me when he said that it must have been a long time since I had a haircut. That's right.. :(  
He also added that my layers have already outgrown each other and were quite messy. Love honest hair stylists that tell you the actual problems instead of sugar coating the facts.

Roy Jo and his assistant worked their magic on my hair and I can finally say goodbye to my all tangled-up bush!

After all that effort put in...


Love my gorgeous locks and I just couldn't help it!

" Don't you love my hair Lassie???" 

Poor Lassie obviously not interested in my hair! 

 But oh wells, I really love them!

 Want to get an awesome haircut by one of the best salons in Singapore? Make an appointment with Kim Robinson today! 

Kim Robinson

Ngee Ann City Tower B #02-12
Tel.: +65 6738 8006

Thank you all for reading! Lemme give you a kiss! 

Till next time!

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