Malacca / Melaka Trip

Sunday, July 6, 2014

After so much procrastination, I have finally mustered all the hardworking cells in me to do up a proper blog post!

Just a month ago, Jovy and I decided to have a short getaway to Malacca/ Melaka. Got ourselves some Groupon vouchers to find out something terrible...

Just 5 days before the trip, I just noticed that my passport had less than 6 months of validity! OMFGGGG!!!!

Rushed to the ICA first thing on Friday and PHEW, I was able to collect my new passport on Monday when the trip was on Tuesday. Thank God, otherwise I would have lost $200+ on our vouchers.

Boarded the bus at some hotel near Little India and for the entire 4 hours bus ride, it was just us and the bus driver. It was really comfortable! But we got a lil paranoid when the bus travelled into some ULU areas, who knew if the bus driver would sell us or something! HAHA! 

When we finally got off the bus 4+ hours later, we had to lug our luggage to our hotel which was like 1-2 KM(?) away. It was so freeeeaaakinnnn HAWTTT! The sun was really blazing. If Singapore is bad, Melaka is worse. We figured that it was because they don't really incorporate greens into their civilisation. At least in Singapore, we have trees everywhere.

We were too early to book in so we left our luggage in the hotel's reception and headed for an ice cold dessert at San Shu Gong

The durian and original chendol was such a relieve. Thinking back, it wasn't fantastic but it felt so good because it was just what we needed in that super hot weather. I was feeling really warm and frustrated as I was in my grey tee and 3/4 Nike sweatpants, SO SUPER WARM! :( 

We had to spend our night at Quayside hotel which was situated conveniently near the Hard Rock Cafe.

According to Jovy, it was a museum and then converted to the current hotel.
The receptionist was such a friendly person! We actually chatted with him about our odd encounters (please read on).

Had a nice cold shower and changed into my #OOTD !

Spotted an arty farty wall outside the hotel and just had to take a photo of Jovy with it.
Check out our twinsie outfit.

The pretty wall made my horrible picture taking skill level up by 100. 

Guys, I want all of yall to know that my favourite chicken place is Nandos. Was so hungry and our first proper meal was Nandos. Jovy thought that it was a pity to eat Nandos when we could eat something more exotic. After some haggling , I got what I wanted! Sorry Jovy!

Afterwards, we had the very famous crepe cake from Nandeje. It was super filling 2 were more than enough for the both of us. I thought it was nothing special besides the layering texture.



Look at ma pout! 
Yea, it was warm but I just had to enrobe that cardigan to avoid stares. 
Seriously, do you think what we were wearing were provocative? We were unpleasantly flattered by the stares and cat calls. :(((

AHHH! Finally reached the Satay Celup place called Capitol. Glad that we got there before the queue really snaked down the street. 

#Selfies time!!!


A mix of ground peanut, sugar , spices and all things calorie dense.

To me it was really nothing but steamboat on sticks with satay sauce, though the gravy was slightly thicker than SG's ones.

Now, story time!! 

When we were about to pay the bill, the waitresses dropped us a name card and told us that a table of middle-aged men had already paid for us. We freaked out and sat at our table wondering what we should do.  FLEE was the tactic employed.

We got back to the hotel and asked the receptionist to drop them an email saying thanks. Even though, it was creepy but let's be nice and give thanks to those who had been nice to us.

Later that night, we bumped into them into another restaurant while searching for a coconut dessert. No escape! They were really friendly and invited us to sit with them. I could tell that Jovy was freaking out but I thought it was fine to just sit and get acquainted. 

The menu did not have what we want and they even asked if the kitchen could specially prepare that dessert for us, ermygawd...

Luckily, they did not have anything of that sort and we left after saying thanks. 

Later on...

We got lost thanks to my horrible navigation skills. When we reached the massage place, I was already drenched in sweat. So-so massage, totally uneven on either side of my body... disappointment...

Next morning, had our breakfast at Halia Inc.

Then we headed to the famous Nonya laksa, at Jonker 88.

Really springy noodles. A lil sticky though. 

Chendol time again! 

his is so much nicer than San Shu Gong's one. Gula Melaka overload.

Finally got the coconut milk shake, a blend of coconut juice, the flesh and vanilla ice cream. 
It was the only that kind of impressed me. 

The super famous chicken rice balls at Chop Chung Wah

Went there around 10 years ago, and wasn't impressed because I was a grumpy kid in the sweltering weather.
10 years later, I was not grumpy but it still did not impress me. 
Had better chicken rice in Singapore.

Really tender! I am craving for some meat now. 

Some really nice rooftop swimming pool at the hotel where the bus was suppose to pick us up. 
Did not get my final dose of massage as there was no slot.

Guess what, I got home within 48 hours, what a short getaway it is.

Would I go to Malacca again? 
Hmm, no, not anytime soon. 

I really want to go back to Bangkok. I need more massages!!! 

Enjoy the rest of your Sunday! 

Thank you for reading! <3333

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