Vast Hair Salon

Saturday, January 3, 2015


Shall kick start the year with a post on my latest hair salon encounter!

As some of you might have known from my Instagram that I was in SIM UOL Pageant 2014, it was a wonderful experience and that was how I learnt about Vast Hair Salon.

From the first photo shoot, when Xavier did my hair so well, I have wanted to visit his salon for a proper haircut. However, I was too caught up with pageant activities. 

Not to mention that he was really nice and professional to keep a lookout for my hair in between shoots, just to make sure that they are en pointe for the photos.

Those gorgeous beach waves that I was so reluctant to wash off after the shoot. :'(

Ignore the perspiration and LOOK AT THE HAIR!
(Mind you: It was on a hot sunny day and after a burning Tequila shot)

Fast forward to after pageant and I finally had too much of the messy dark pile on my head. Made an appointment with Xavier on Monday and it got me really excited throughout the weekend. Oh welllssss, I am the kind that enjoy salon trips. Almost nothing beats coming out of the salon with awesome smelling hair! Am I the only one who thinks that salon shampoo stays with you longer than usual shampoos?

Stepping into the salon,

Look at this stack of overgrown hay...

On a brighter note, I AM CHOPPING 'EM OFF!

What left a deep impression on me was how thoughtful and receptive Xavier was towards my opinions. When I told him that I was uncertain on what I really want, he asked me if there was anything that I did not like about my hair. BEST QUESTION OF THE DAY! 
Then I remembered how my hair always looked like a pile of black stuff in photos. THAT'S RIGHT! I hated how live-less and limp my hair looked... I am too much of a bum to tong my hair everyday like how some girls do.

And I have been entertaining the thought of dye-ing my hair for around a year or so but I never got the courage to do so. GUESS WHAT! I just did my very first hair dye in Vast Hair, knowing that I was in great hands. PHEW! 

I actually had some screenshots of some hair colour that I desire on hand and I showed Xavier.
I thought I would have to bleach my hair for it was a lil cool toned. Thank Jesus, no. 

Another part of their impeccable service was the e-magazine on Ipad. No more annoying page flipping, with hair caught in between pages! 
Too bad for me that I had a book to finish, but ah wells, next time! 

OH OH OH! Before getting into the hair ritual proper, Xavier asked if I wanted water, tea or other drinks. Guys, this is not your typical typical salon nestled within the neighbourhood ya!

Another thing which I really appreciated was how gentle Xavier's assistant, Xueyi was when she wrapped the towel around my hair after the hair wash. Tell me that I am not the only one who gets half of my makeup mopped off when they tug the last part of the towel into your hair. ANNOYING MUCH! 
Xueyi was so gentle when she tugged the towel into my hair and I was pleasantly surprised by that. :') 

Also, during the procedure, Xavier was mindful not to get any products onto my face as he carefully wiped off a tiny drop of hair product that threatened to trickle into my forehead.  

I guess I am not the super chatty kind of customer. But I was able to have an enjoyable conversation with Xavier, in between my read. 

My hair went through some dye, treatment and a trim. Lo and beholdddd.



Now now now. Where them hair colour at???  Don't worry!

I was somewhat shocked that the hair colour wasn't much of a difference too. I could only see the subtle colour under the lighting. But even so, I already liked how it wasn't obvious that I got my hair dyed. Xavier assured that the colour will only become lighter from then on.

Overall, it was a pleasant experience. I love how I did not get a shock out of my life or find myself repulsive to look at after dye-ing my hair(something very big deal to me).
I am really happy with my current hair colour and I am proud to say that my hair texture is as smooth as it was pre-dyeing. Even though it was a 10 mins walk from Clementi MRT station, it was all worthwhile. 
Also do not be put off by the very simple and minimalistic furnishing as I assure you that what is sophisticated lies in the hands of the hairstylists in Vast Hair Salon. 

Boring/ unsatisfied/ shocking salon trips
Thank you Vast Hair Salon for the wonderful hair procedure!

I think they might just be a little short handed with 2 hair stylists so do call them to book an appointment, to avoid disappointment or waiting!

Blk 433 Clementi Avenue 3

CALL: 6779 6266

8/01/15 Update: Now that my hair colour has settled after a week's worth of wash,
here is my current hair colour!

This photo quite accurately shows my hair colour #nofilter

Love how natural the colour looks! I know some of yall might be thinking "might as well not dye",
but as of now I just love hair colour that looks like you are born with it. 


Thank you Vast Hair Salon!