Just saying

Friday, February 6, 2015

If only differences could be resolved. And people are more willing to just listen. Perhaps 3/4 of the world's problem would be non-existent. 

Nowadays, whenever I feel uncomfortable/ angry/ sad because of someone's action. I will try so hard to understand the person's motives, try being in his/her shoes. A lot of times, it narrows deep back into their personality. This is pretty upsetting to me because this being his/her personality just means that it will be really hard to avoid future upsets. However, my love for him/her does not allow me to put him/her in exile. Right at this moment, I think I just answered myself. Perhaps my love as great as I made it sound like, may be able to just accept this person's "flaw". Perhaps my love isn't that great to overlook my own needs for his/her comfort. So when I feel that my love is not enough or when I am tired of trying to accept, does that signal the end of the relationship? 

If I have tried really hard and got weary, will anyone tell me that I have done enough and it is time to rest?

I can't tell if I have tried hard enough and I am tired or that I haven't tried hard enough and I am still too focused on myself.

I don't really want a confrontation because I am pretty used to getting replies that insinuate that I am still too focused on myself and I haven't been considerate.
It's as if you are not mad, everyone around you tells you that you are mad and you begin to think that you are REALLY mad.

BUT THEN, no mad man thinks he is mad.

I am simply confused if I have done too much or I haven't done enough.

As of now, I have decided to not give a poop about it. I will just ignore my feelings/needs, because at least I am being unselfish. Do I even make sense?  I will STFU and stretch myself. Nothing really make sense right now. I am torn apart within myself.

But hey, at least I am blogging! :D


  1. Hey confused soul,

    In life, there are always bound to be differences and its not these differences that matter but the way we handle these differences that make the difference. (tongue twister intended)

    Don't delve too much into these thoughts as it will just make you more confuse. Life is too confusing already so smile more and keep your head up.

    Grandpa Tia =)

    1. Hi! You are right. I am struggling to handle differences properly though. Thanks for the advice! :)