Tuesday, March 3, 2015

THIS BLOG IS STILL ALIVE! I am super determined this time to keep it alive! Ohmygod, I did not realised that it has been weeks since I last posted, even on my Instagram. I was pretty lazy to scroll through social media. I am pretty occupied with my day time activities, which I cannot even remember what I spent my time on. It reached a point where I was pretty reluctant to even look at Instagram, but it felt weird to not look through it. Meanwhile, I was surprised to receive quite a bit of attention on my I would say the whole experience was pretty positive. It made me less regretful of the choices that I have made and I was really happy receive encouragements from others. Thank you everyone, I am doing my best everyday to grow in ways, even the smallest form. I cannot express how happy I am that I am a more contented person right now.


P.S. Count the number of "pretty"s used. Perhaps I am feeling pretty pretty today! :p

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