Got Lucky.

Sunday, March 8, 2015

I am bad at making connections with people. 
Especially in recent years, moving onto tertiary education and there is barely any fixed class like in Secondary/ Primary school. Most of my best friends are from secondary school.  Even though they are my best friends, the number of times we meet is no more than the seasons of the year. But I am always very excited and touched that we have never lost the connection. You know the thing where life happens and everyone is busy with school and their most convenient social circle. It is never possible to just have 1 best friend, because each friend is unique and the activities we engage in are different. Say, some friends enjoy taking pretty pictures and won't mind going the miles, while some friends better enjoy sipping tea and catching up with life. I enjoy their company so much that silence is never uncomfortable. Contact is limited but my thoughts of them never ceased. During the dimmest time of my life, when foolish thoughts surface in my head, I thought of my friends and I knew that if I were to confide into them they would render me unimaginable support. I am bad with my words, so I understand how even when they don't say much or can't help, they will always be there for me. The only best friend who is plagued by my everyday problems and my crazy issues, is none other than my boyfriend( thankful to have him too, my full time counselor). 

I think I am very lucky to have the friends that I have got. Heard too many stories about friendship dramas, backstabbing, being fake and etc. The friendships that I have are really genuine. One of these friendships is a dear one between Boo and I. After lower secondary school, we naturally drifted apart as we got into different classes. I was not really proactive to contact her as I was quite occupied with whatever was on hand.  So I thought that was the end of us. We did not talk besides wishing each other Happy Birthday and giving small gifts. It was only after 4-5 years, that we begin meeting up again.  Our first meeting after so many years, almost left me in tears because I was too happy that we could still talk and there wasn't any awkwardness between us! WHAT MAGIC! :') This goes for my dearest Lao Wu and Lao Huang! <333 I have too many good friends to list but they all have a special place in my heart.

 Sometimes I would just close my eyes and think about how lucky I am to have met such wonderful people. I am perhaps one of those entertaining friends who fill them up with my crazy stories(crazy just because I am crazy and so I react crazy and things get crazy). I WANT TO HUG THEM ALL NOW AND CRY! :') I am so blessed to have all of my friends, thank you for being here as I grow and I hope to be a better friend for all of you.


  1. �� love you to the moon and back (;

  2. where's your denim jumpsuit from? :)

  3. Good to see 武中 gatherings! With Boo JY as well