Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Strangers could be kinder than loved ones.

Sometimes, people who think they truly know us, often give themselves too much authority to judge us and to treat us the way they think we should be treated. With all good intentions, they unintentionally hurt us because at the end of the day only ourselves truly know what we want. Others might think that they know what we need but they forgot that they are humans and they may be wrong. Either they are right or wrong it doesn't make us happy when we are not treated the way we want to. 

Them being right= us being sad, them being wrong=us being sad and blaming them in the future.

 Perhaps they thought that they would rather run the risks of us blaming them if they were wrong. But even if they were right, feelings are sabotaged and neglected along the way, and it may never be mended. More often than not, we would prefer falling and hurting ourselves than feeling hurt when corrected. Because we learn and appreciate better not through what people think is right for us, but through mistakes we make and the pain of making mistakes. Eventually, who is anyone to judge FOR anyone? On what basis do we think that we are a better judge? None of us have experienced every experience in the world to tell others that we know better. What might seem to be a mistake for one may be the greatest choice with best possible outcome for another. People will be more grateful to be able to seek comfort during down times than to have guidance (which would be deemed as rubbing salt to wound). A good example would be that friend that we all hated because it seems like he/she knows it all, he/she may want the best for us, but when we confide, we seek comfort but not guidance. And we observe that this relationship is strained.  We all want what we think is the best for our loved ones, but maybe it is time to just show love through presence and only advise when asked to. We are all grateful for refuge, aren't we?

P.S. Thank you Melissa for the great conversation last Saturday.

With my photographer of the day, @nylonpixie. <333


  1. if we live life to our own conscious, no others will be able to judge us, there will always be people who are jealous.
    you're really gorgeous :)

    1. Hi! Thank you for your kind compliments! :D