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Friday, April 24, 2015


I have been acting rather strange lately... It's really bad... 


I am never the kind who fancy junk food... I still remember the last time when I had to be in a room full of pizzas, I tried so hard not to cringe and I had to excuse myself out of the room ASAP. I do not think that I have any eating disorder but the idea of putting low quality food into my mouth, irks me. Low quality being heavily processed, low protein and unhealthy food. I am not a saint and I do not have a super lean and perfect body because most of the time I do not eat clean. It is hard to eat clean but I try to avoid junk as much as possible. If it is unhealthy food that I am going to eat, it better be really yummy like truffle fries. Calories are precious after all (not that I calculate them religiously).

My style of dressing has also changed to be really casual and less dressy than it was. I probably know why and I am fine with it. However, I feel a lil uncoordinated when I put on dressier clothes. Totally need some time to get my mojo back. The last 1-2 months felt like a dream and by dressing the way that I used to, it feels like I am waking up from the dream and I am back to who I was. Does anyone feel the same way as I do, like how style of dressing can affect your emotions?  I constantly feel the need to change for the better and I hope that I am on the right track. 

Just a few nights ago I was pleasantly surprised to receive compliments from a friend, which really cheered me up. Thank God for people like her who brightens up my world. :') The best part was that I never imagined her saying those things to me because I always thought that she was a bit stand-offish, oh wells she gotta be, otherwise boys would be flocking to her. You know who you are. HEHE!




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