My Quarter Life Crisis

Friday, April 3, 2015

So this week apart from procrastinating to go for the doctor's review( what a bad nut for disregarding my health), I am pretty bugged about something. Honestly, this has been something that I have been pretty frustrated with.

I kind of blame it on the sad world that I live in where(very possibly) social media affirmation is the superhero for dwindling young self esteems, perhaps old ones too. I used to have a really bad case of low self esteem and I won't say that I now have an invincible amount of self esteem. It is recently that I started to get more attention than I had, thanks to social media. The amount of likes I get, starts to gain power over me. I would worry every time before I post a photo, if it will get lesser likes than previous photos. Perhaps I should change my style, like those dazzling clean feeds. Maybe my lack of uniformity in my feed is not getting me enough likes. I hate to admit that my mind is weak enough to be a victim of social media affirmations. 

I was lost most of the time, torn between being myself or changing so that I could be better liked. 

And you know what?


I think my personality is fairly likeable and the photos I post should reflect who I really am. I can't go on pretending that I am some minimalistic chick when I enjoy different styles on different days.
I can't have clean uniform Instagram style because I believe that if I were to just stick to one style, you should be able to find me at the nearest mental hospital. 

I have to be true to myself and hiding who I really am won't make me more attractive. 

Enough of the ranting. I hope you find a lil bit of yourself in whatever you do. <33

Visuals from Ipoh, some are taken by @winnielim710 :)

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