We Are Enough

Friday, May 22, 2015

There are some days you don't feel good about yourself and you feel inadequate. This world can be a harsh place and sometimes people don't give you second chances. A lot of times we allow ourselves to submerge in the sea of negativity and willingly drown ourselves in it. Un-constructive criticisms echo in our head while we try so hard to brush it off and to feel neutral/happy again. What is important and usually neglected is constructive self-evaluation and situational evaluation. Self-evaluation being searching yourself and checking if you have done your best so that you can perform en pointe the next time. Situational evaluation being; deciding if the situation was fair to you or whether it was unfairness that brought you down. When you feel inadequate, never neglect it. If you were to be rational and evaluate the whole situation you might find ways to improve and/or reasons why you should not be too harsh on yourself. There is no need for unhealthy self-criticisms, which upset you and don't benefit you in anyway. Love yourself, embrace imperfections and allow growth. 

Visuals below were taken in Taiwan! Thank you so much for reading!!! :) 


Peacemaking With Yourself

Friday, May 15, 2015

A lot of times we focus on the things we cannot change and we bash ourselves up for those things. Why do we even do that? It is not my fault or anyone's fault that I do not have a face like Megan Fox's. We always make ourselves feel bad by comparing ourselves with others in terms of things we cannot change, examples being; family background, height, looks and talents.

What truly makes us great isn't what we are born with. What makes us great is how we turn what we want into what we have. 

Being given is nothing compared to gaining after sacrifices and hardships. Love what you have and use them to create the extraordinary. Believe in hard work and dreams. Focusing on what can be changed makes us better than focusing on what cannot be changed.

When We Don't Get The Love We Think We Deserve

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

"We accept the love we think we deserve."

The sentence swirls in almost every girl's head, would be "If he loves me enough, he would do it...". Most of us get disappointed by our partners from time to time and we often conclude that they do not love us enough. The truth is we all want to be loved the way we want it. 
Example, if you show love by texting your partner all day, while what your partner really want is you being physically present, he/she won't feel loved even if it takes a whole chunk of you ( according to your own standards) to text. 
In essence, to really love is to love your partner in ways they want to be loved. Aligning our perception with the perception of our loved ones, requires constant self reminder and selflessness. It is pointless to put in 113% only for the other party to feel 5%. 
Not forgetting that we have to actively seek out other forms of love that we took for granted and did not realise that they are actually acts of love. It is time to let our givers will feel appreciated and let our hearts be filled with thankfulness.

It's always the 2 way thing, isn't it?

Some taken by: @winnielim710 and @peijunxp