How May Treated Me

Monday, June 1, 2015

I did not just realise that we are soon going to step into the next half of 2015. I just realised that I haven't done enough to look back and call it well spent. When I did not have the time to do all I wanted, I swear I would make good use of my free time, but I did not. I hate low productivity and the lack of discipline to move away from situations that would render low/zero productivity. 

Oh wells, back to how May went, it went pretty fine I would say. I've made up my mind on some things and gave those things time frames. Now, I would know when it is time to move on if there is no result. Also,I just started working at a neighbourhood bakery to make some money out of my low productivity. Best part is that I am able to do some of my own work if there are no customers.

A really important question for you guys!!!

What kind of content would you like to see on my blog? 

More towards fashion, thoughts or?
 I can't please everyone but I am really curious what would be things that make your time here worthwhile. 

I definitely can't blog about gossips because I am always the last one to know. 

Please let me know at the comment section or on my! Thank you!

Really a chill post today so will the visuals be too. :)

Hopefully June will be a lil more chill and let us ease into the next half of the year. 

Thank you for reading! <33

Hi Wendy bb, thank you for being there when I needed you! <33


  1. hello~~ Would love to see more make up reviews, food reviews, make up tutorials, and general musings :)

    1. SORRY FOR THE LATE REPLY!!! I will do my best! Thank you!