Peachy New Year's Eve

Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Now that we are done with Christmas, it's time for New Year!
As energetic and excited as I sound, it is actually the opposite of how I feel. :(

Please give me a lil bit more time to pack up!

This year's Christmas was so simple and blissful. I did not go for any fancy party, but I was at Zach's grandparents' place for Christmas gathering. It was too "adult" for us and so we sneaked out and had a mini date in town. My very sweet boy got me a bouquet and we enjoyed the rainy afternoon drinking coffee at a quiet cafe.

We had a really long nap when we got back to the house and actually got a "nap hangover". Cured the hangover with some ice-cream and waffles with the cousins and the night finally ended at 2am!

Nothing fancy at all, but I am so so so thankful for the company and there is nothing more that I want. 
As I am typing out this blog post, looking over my shoulder, Zach and Lassie (@lassiethejrt) are napping peacefully and everything feels so right. 

I have a list of people to be thankful for in 2016. They are my mum,  Zach, Wendy, Brenda, Claire, Azrin, Joash and Chrystal. Of course, the list is non-exhaustive. Thank you to everyone that has played a part in my life in 2016! I am very thankful for the opportunities and I really hope to work harder in 2017! 

Ending 2016 with Revolve x NBD.

I kinda did 2-3 different editings, couldn't make up my mind on which one I love most so I am posting all!

First up, the "modern" vibes. >.<

Photo 21-12-16, 6 37 05 PM

Photo 21-12-16, 6 38 08 PM

Photo 21-12-16, 6 41 13 PM

Photo 21-12-16, 6 44 14 PM
Georgia Dress from NBD, I feel like a silky peach! :>

Ready for the vintage ones now? 
Photo 21-12-16, 6 41 58 PM

Photographed by: Wendy,  Art direction + editing: Katie

Photo 21-12-16, 6 44 11 PM

Photo 21-12-16, 6 45 33 PM
Collab : REVOLVE x NBD

Photo 21-12-16, 6 45 21 PM

Photo 21-12-16, 6 46 45 PM

Photo 21-12-16, 6 47 08 PM

Photo 21-12-16, 6 48 33 PM

Photo 21-12-16, 6 49 30 PM

Thank you for staying with me! Love this Georgia dress from NBD?
Here are the goodies!!

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Enjoy the last of 2016 and see you on 2017! <333

Christmas In The Afternoon

Thursday, December 22, 2016

Merry Christmas everyone! 

Time flies and 2016 is coming to an end, feeling a wee bit of disorientated because I didn't see the end coming so soon! Thus I have decided to stay at home as much as possible, to clear my mind as well as to tidy up any physical mess in my room. I feel the need to sit down and compose myself before 2016 ends so that 2017 can be a more productive year.

As much as I thought I achieve little in 2016, I might not have finished the race too badly. 2016 was a hell of a ride, so dramatic but yet I manage to find peace and love in the chaos. I dare say I become a tiny bit wiser because events in 2016 made me opened my eyes. I can foresee bigger challenges ahead but I am now sure who are the ones who will brave through the coming storm with me.

The end of the year should be really jolly with all the festive celebrations but I always thought there was a tinge of sadness saying goodbye to the past year. 

So here's the visual guide (many thanks to Revolve) on how to spend some peaceful afternoon + evening alone celebrating and reflecting on the past year. 

Photo 20-12-16, 5 07 14 PM

Feeling myself so deep with NBD's In The Deep Maxi Dress

Photo 20-12-16, 5 08 57 PM

Photo 20-12-16, 5 09 57 PM

Photo 20-12-16, 5 09 41 PM

Photo 20-12-16, 5 12 36 PM

And when the party truly begins with NBD ~

Photo 20-12-16, 5 13 34 PM

Photo 20-12-16, 5 13 38 PM

Photo 20-12-16, 5 13 43 PM

Photo 20-12-16, 5 13 47 PM

Really love these "flashy" shots. Creds to @nylonpixie for taking them. (Edited by Katepurk)

Photo 20-12-16, 5 14 37 PM

Photo 20-12-16, 5 14 46 PM

Photo 20-12-16, 5 17 43 PM

Channeling my inner Riri vibes with my favourite Revolve  .

Photo 20-12-16, 5 19 12 PM

Photo 20-12-16, 5 17 58 PM

Are you NBD ready for Christmas now? 

That's all folks! Have a great Christmas with your loved ones! <333

All About That Cruise Life

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

I think I am having withdrawal symptoms since my vacation on the cruise has ended. To be honest, I think I might be falling sick soon, not feeling my very best as I am typing right now. Maybe reality is too stuffy for my wander-lustful soul.

On the bright side, it's CYBER MONDAY( click for sale URL)!!!


Here is my second outfit from Revolve, absolutely love this playful LPA Dress 8, mind you this dress makes me feel like I'm on cloud 9.

Photo 29-11-16, 4 51 38 PM

Photo 29-11-16, 5 04 39 PM

Photo 29-11-16, 5 01 02 PM

Photo 29-11-16, 5 00 39 PM


Photo 29-11-16, 4 42 24 PM

How gorgeous is this LPA Dress 8? Loving the choker deets!

Photo 29-11-16, 5 01 46 PM

Also, I have to confess that I am that sort of shopper who puts all my items in the shopping cart and after shopping for a good 3 hours, decided not to buy anything.

Please do not be like me!

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Thanks for reading! XOXO

Wandering But Not Lost (Hopefully) X BLACK FRIYAY X Thanksgiving

Friday, November 25, 2016

I am finally back here on this space blogging, after such a long hiatus. Being lazy is like 4/5 of being Katie. Many thanks to those who have been watching out for this space or encouraging me to update my blog. Feels good to hear the sound of my keyboard not because of an assignment but for something that I actually feel for and enjoy doing!

I have officially graduated from University, and  next phase of life is starting right now as I type. I miss the times when I could waste my time away using "being in Uni" as an excuse. Now I can no longer afford to spend my time idling away, and I hope I can have this drilled into my head and be more productive with my post-grad days.

Lately, I have been feeling so blessed and thankful for what I have and the people in my life. My friends and family have been so supportive, and I can't better describe my situation than God putting the right people in my life at the right time. I have met so many new people over the past year, and they have blessed me greatly in ways I never imagined. I am so thankful for all the opportunities and support.

From my most recent trip...


I must be dreaming to own a piece from Privacy Please from Revolve!

Photo 25-11-16, 8 18 51 PM

Photo 25-11-16, 8 17 19 PM

Photo 25-11-16, 8 18 16 PM

This Vintage Seashell Purse is one of my unexpected hunts from my past Bangkok trip. I really enjoy thrift shopping in Bangkok! Keep your eyes peeled for cheap treasure in when shopping in Bangkok!

Photo 25-11-16, 8 19 30 PM

Photo 25-11-16, 8 22 03 PM

Photo 25-11-16, 8 23 00 PM

Photo 25-11-16, 8 21 14 PM

Loving my Privacy Please Plaza Kimono Dress to bits.

Photo 25-11-16, 8 22 34 PM

Photo 25-11-16, 8 24 51 PM

Photo 25-11-16, 8 24 24 PM

Photo 25-11-16, 8 20 45 PM

Many thanks to Revolve! And shout out to @BRENWHO <333

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Thanks for reading! Till then XOXO!

Photo Creds: My very dearest @zachxs