Peachy New Year's Eve

Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Now that we are done with Christmas, it's time for New Year!
As energetic and excited as I sound, it is actually the opposite of how I feel. :(

Please give me a lil bit more time to pack up!

This year's Christmas was so simple and blissful. I did not go for any fancy party, but I was at Zach's grandparents' place for Christmas gathering. It was too "adult" for us and so we sneaked out and had a mini date in town. My very sweet boy got me a bouquet and we enjoyed the rainy afternoon drinking coffee at a quiet cafe.

We had a really long nap when we got back to the house and actually got a "nap hangover". Cured the hangover with some ice-cream and waffles with the cousins and the night finally ended at 2am!

Nothing fancy at all, but I am so so so thankful for the company and there is nothing more that I want. 
As I am typing out this blog post, looking over my shoulder, Zach and Lassie (@lassiethejrt) are napping peacefully and everything feels so right. 

I have a list of people to be thankful for in 2016. They are my mum,  Zach, Wendy, Brenda, Claire, Azrin, Joash and Chrystal. Of course, the list is non-exhaustive. Thank you to everyone that has played a part in my life in 2016! I am very thankful for the opportunities and I really hope to work harder in 2017! 

Ending 2016 with Revolve x NBD.

I kinda did 2-3 different editings, couldn't make up my mind on which one I love most so I am posting all!

First up, the "modern" vibes. >.<

Photo 21-12-16, 6 37 05 PM

Photo 21-12-16, 6 38 08 PM

Photo 21-12-16, 6 41 13 PM

Photo 21-12-16, 6 44 14 PM
Georgia Dress from NBD, I feel like a silky peach! :>

Ready for the vintage ones now? 
Photo 21-12-16, 6 41 58 PM

Photographed by: Wendy,  Art direction + editing: Katie

Photo 21-12-16, 6 44 11 PM

Photo 21-12-16, 6 45 33 PM
Collab : REVOLVE x NBD

Photo 21-12-16, 6 45 21 PM

Photo 21-12-16, 6 46 45 PM

Photo 21-12-16, 6 47 08 PM

Photo 21-12-16, 6 48 33 PM

Photo 21-12-16, 6 49 30 PM

Thank you for staying with me! Love this Georgia dress from NBD?
Here are the goodies!!

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Enjoy the last of 2016 and see you on 2017! <333

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