Thorn Among The Flowers

Saturday, February 18, 2017

 Back again after being sick and bed bound for a day!

Maybe I fell sick because I had too much food for dinner the previous night and very little for lunch. Then my tummy got a shock! But I really enjoyed my killer dinner though!

While I was recovering from my horrible stomach and puking yesterday, I finally finished up my long overdue vlog post.  >.< 

Please show me some love watch it here and subscribe! Thank you so much! <333

Here is another outfit from Revolve, this time I picked a romper from Tularosa!

Isn't this romper real cute? So much summer vibes! The embroidery details are so cute and vintage!

Embracing le candid moments with Revolve and Tularosa... :P

Shop at Revolve for more cute outfits. Tularosa is definitely one of my favourite brands for summer vibes .

Click here to shop this romper. :)

Thank you for reading! Have a great day ahead! <333

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