Bye March

Thursday, March 30, 2017

Just a matter of days till the end of March. I am literally going to sail my way into April because I am going on a cruise trip! Yaypeee!

I really can't wait! I need to take a breather so bad. No more replying to work messages and email. 

Speaking of which,  I just signed up for wifi onboard the cruise! *FACEPALMS*

I am so excited about this cruise trip because the whole of my boyfriend's family is going! Every one of the siblings is bringing their +1! AWHH!
I have never been on such a big family group trip!

On a less chirpy note, I am pretty discouraged that I do not see much results from working out and doing intermittent fasting. :( But I tell myself it's okay because the weighing scale doesn't matter much especially I am not doing it to lose weight! I want to be fitter and leaner! I guess that takes more time because, to begin with, I am not fat and so it is a lil harder to show? I think I should start keeping track my results by taking pictures! There are days when I really wanted to skip my workout, but I would always think of how far I have already come ( not far) and to break the momentum will make it so hard for me to start again!

I can only press on! 

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Wearing the cute Privacy X Revolve Linton Tee

I have to say that this Linton tee  from Privacy Please is really my vibes! Hehe!

Thank you Revolve for always amazing clothes my way!

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Photos taken by: @Lionellimblog

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Crazy Fast March

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

March flew by so quickly and I could still remember how my friends and I were in disbelief how the first quarter of the year is coming to an end.

Why am I always so surprised by how time flies? Perhaps this shows that I have not been cherishing my time and making full use of it. However, looking back at March, I have been quite productive. 

Maybe I've realised that this phase of my life won't last for very long and I should seize the opportunity to be more productive with my time, doing the things that I am interested in. Time is ticking and I have to focus on the things that I said I would do if I didn't have school or other commitments. 

Anyhow, loving this leather skirt from Revolve, LPA !

I feel that a lot of times we can be very distracted by the things we have in life. We forgot to look inwards,  ask ourselves what do we want and what makes us happy. We can get so carried away fulfilling other people's needs. This is why some of us can be so busy day in and out but end up feeling unproductive. 

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Sweet Dreams

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

It has been awhile since I had any sweet dreams, had some really weird nightmares for the past week.

I guess it is post graduation stress. Because now I have no good reason to be loafing around like I did when school was still ongoing. Time to adult to fuck up and pay some bills. 

I don't think I am the only one who graduated with no idea what kind of job I want, but again, that does not mean that I should feel at ease. 

I figured that at this stage of my life, there's nothing that I can do besides living each day productively. Brooding and being so stressed up is not productive and it drains creativity. >.<

I am such a self-hype master. LOL! 

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 Loving this cute Krause Lomax Dress from Privacy Please

I have a thing for buttons on dresses. ACTUALLY, I LOVE BUTTONS! I would compulsively press buttons in the lift and wherever I won't be judged! HAHA!

How dreamy is this dress? *insert heart-shaped eyes*

Button this dress up or down to be naughty or nice. *winks*

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