Bye March

Thursday, March 30, 2017

Just a matter of days till the end of March. I am literally going to sail my way into April because I am going on a cruise trip! Yaypeee!

I really can't wait! I need to take a breather so bad. No more replying to work messages and email. 

Speaking of which,  I just signed up for wifi onboard the cruise! *FACEPALMS*

I am so excited about this cruise trip because the whole of my boyfriend's family is going! Every one of the siblings is bringing their +1! AWHH!
I have never been on such a big family group trip!

On a less chirpy note, I am pretty discouraged that I do not see much results from working out and doing intermittent fasting. :( But I tell myself it's okay because the weighing scale doesn't matter much especially I am not doing it to lose weight! I want to be fitter and leaner! I guess that takes more time because, to begin with, I am not fat and so it is a lil harder to show? I think I should start keeping track my results by taking pictures! There are days when I really wanted to skip my workout, but I would always think of how far I have already come ( not far) and to break the momentum will make it so hard for me to start again!

I can only press on! 

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Photos taken by: @Lionellimblog

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