Positivity Is Amazing

Saturday, May 27, 2017

Today was such a great day to me and as I am typing this, I already have some good plans for tonight!

I had an amazing start to the day when I got some FREE MONEY! I was selling my dress on @katiesloots and my customer got me to try out DBS Paylah. I found the referral code on google that got me the FEEE $5! How amazing! I am so lucky: sold my dress plus got some cash!

Positive thinking is so important however, it will be the hardest thing to do when you are feeling down so friends with positive vibes are really important to help get your feet up! Trust me when you feel good, good things happen to you! 

Learning how to see the good in every situation is important so that we can make the best use of our time on Earth! My number 1 tip is to just get up/out from where you are and do something. Ask a friend out, bring your dog out for a walk and pop by the ice cream store. You will feel better! 

Truth is, none of us deserve to be sad! Focus on positive actions helps with your situation! Because sitting there and feeling unhappy won't help and it might worsen the situation!

Anyways, here is another outfit post from Revolve!

Finally, I got my hands on these highly raved about GRLFRND jeans!

I was wearing the Petite Karolina High- Rise Skinny Jeans. 

You can get it HERE! HERE! HERE!

I recommend petite Asian ladies like myself to size down, because for me they run a lil big!

Thank you Revolve for getting this highly sought after jeans for me!

Also, thank you @jefferyfungg for the pictures!

What May Was Like

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Hi Ho! The end of may is approaching that means half of 2017 is almost gone! 

It has been a really fruitful month for me as I had more time on hand and started focusing on areas in my life that I wanted to work on. 
 I am so happy to be sharing my joy here. Maybe it's the regular workouts that got me feeling so high and happy or just me choosing to be happy.

Whatever it is I hope to keep this going! Good vibes attract good things! 

Also, Revolve is having a sitewide 20% OFF sale!!

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Here's me wearing NBD X REVOLVE EARL TOP !

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Thank you for reading! 

Good vibes till next time! :D

Please Excuse Me

Monday, May 1, 2017

Life has been throwing me lemons and limes lately and please excuse me that I don't sound like rays of sunshine and daisies. I am trying to honour my feelings and understand the things that have been happening around me.

I am so so so grateful for all my friends. They are friends indeed cuz I am a friend in need. They listened to me talked about the same thing at least 10 times and still stayed for the 11th time. Not to mention, my random bursts of emotional thoughts. I am glad that I haven't had a breakdown in front of them, maybe because the idea of them being here for me comforts me so much.

I am strong enough to pull myself out of bed even though I wish I could stay in bed all day. I deserve a pat on my shoulder for being here for myself, not abandoning or giving up but staying positive and optimistic (not obvious).

I am really okay because nobody died and I have this newfound self-love. Also, the way time works, it passes, no matter what. We can always plant seeds now for the future!

Top from Revolve, Majorelle and denim shorts from Topshop.

Chose this Majorelle top because the puffy shoulder part and sleeves remind me of the medival times. I really adore the tiny lace details and cute little buttons! Thanks, Revolve!

Shop this top here!

Thank you for reading! Till next time!