Bali Trip Countdown

Monday, July 3, 2017

YAYYY!!! I will be onboard the plane to Bali in less than 48hrs time! This is my first time ever going to Bali and it is a work trip! How exciting! Zac and I will be doing a themed photoshoot by Androids In Boots. 

This is so crazy! Never thought I would be paid to travel and shoot! I am really so blessed! And I am going to buy a drone tomorrow for this trip and for my future travels! I have to master it in a few hours though, so wish me luck!

Here's another outfit from X by NBD on Revolve ! 

Really love how the photos turned out! Thanks to Wendy for location and being the photographer!

This Paige Dress is so puurfect!

How cute is this dress? Gives off a bit of Lolita vibe but not too much! It is just so sweet!

You can get the Paige Dress and other gorgeous pieces from X By Nbd on Revolve !

Click HERE  for the Paige Dress!

Thank you Revolve! And thank you for reading!


Saturday, July 1, 2017

Things have been looking up for me lately and I am really grateful for the opportunities that have come my way! Thank God! I feel that my life has been changed since 2 months ago when I decided to focus more on myself and on positivity. I am so glad that I have become more aware of my thoughts and is actively focusing on only the positives or just not to think about the negatives. 

Thoughts become words, words become actions and actions become consequences!

I wouldn't say I am completely good but thankfully I have friends like See Min who feeds me so much positivity! Whenever I meet her, she will talk about how she has been so greatly blessed and she feels really thankful for the things she has in life and where she is right now! Btw, go check out her henna account @henn.drawn, she is really talented and always as I watch her drawings unfold before me I will be so amazed! 

One of my monthly picks from Revolve 

This piece is simply effortless, just pair it with denim shorts and you are good to go without looking too lazy. xD

The lace detailing of this top is also to die for !

Shope this look from Lovers + Friends at  Revolve  now!

 Direct link to the top HERE HERE HERE!