Bali Trip Countdown

Monday, July 3, 2017

YAYYY!!! I will be onboard the plane to Bali in less than 48hrs time! This is my first time ever going to Bali and it is a work trip! How exciting! Zac and I will be doing a themed photoshoot by Androids In Boots. 

This is so crazy! Never thought I would be paid to travel and shoot! I am really so blessed! And I am going to buy a drone tomorrow for this trip and for my future travels! I have to master it in a few hours though, so wish me luck!

Here's another outfit from X by NBD on Revolve ! 

Really love how the photos turned out! Thanks to Wendy for location and being the photographer!

This Paige Dress is so puurfect!

How cute is this dress? Gives off a bit of Lolita vibe but not too much! It is just so sweet!

You can get the Paige Dress and other gorgeous pieces from X By Nbd on Revolve !

Click HERE  for the Paige Dress!

Thank you Revolve! And thank you for reading!

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