Fable Bootie from Raye

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Back from Melbourne and currently blogging live at ramen store in Singapore. Left my heart in Melbourne and I really hope to be back soon next year! I am just really glad to be back in the warm arms of Singapore! 

The hustle continues and LEGGO! Less than 100 days to the 31st Dec! 
Just yesterday I wrote down some goals that I hope to achieve for the month of October. One of them is actually waking up at 7.30am every weekday!

Missed out a post for the month of September and making it up right now. 

Check out these cute booties from  Raye on Revolve 

I think these muted green booties from Raye are really gorgeous for fall/ winter.

You can get this pair of cute booties HERE! Or shop for more shoes on Raye!

Thank you Revolve

And special thanks to @Chrystlm for helping me put with the photos! Do check her out!

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