Last Few of Melbourne Takes

Saturday, November 4, 2017

Still having withdrawal symptoms from Melbourne.

Things have been pretty rocky ever since I got back to Melbourne but I have been really productive in some ways I guess. 

I finally finish setting up my menswear business and launched it!


Now it's time to keep thinking of ways to push it and drive more sales and this has been keeping me up at night lately! I am really grateful for the support from friends and family! So thankful for people who are so willing to lend me a hand! T.T

Anyways, here are some pics for Revolve.

Kinda regret getting XXS because it was really tight. Hope it will loosen up within the next few washes.

I realised that 8/10 times when I pick something from Revolve, it would be from Privacy Please.
Clothing pieces from Revolve Privacy Please are really wearable and great for someone like me who isn't really a style mafia.

Shop this Privacy Please Crop top HERE!

Many thanks to @Chrystlm for the amazing photos!

And THANK YOU for reading!!


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