Androids In Boots Bali Styled Shoot

Wednesday, February 21, 2018

So excited to finally share with you guys more pictures from my Bali shoot with AndroidsinBoots (AIB)  that happened last year!

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When AIB contacted me and told me that they were interested to have Zac and me onboard this shoot, I WAS OVER THE MOON! DUH! Stylised shoot in BALI with GOWNS and a team of professional photographers/videographer! HELL YES! It wasn't my first time working with AIB and so I knew the shoot will turn out amazing!

And sure it did!! The whole shoot trip was amazing. The crew was so dedicated and professional. We actually braved through a few treacherous situations like flying a drone while being in choppy waves! The planning was fantastic as well the shoot location and scheduling fell in place so well and  there wasn’t any hiccups!  During the shoot, the crew directed us well and it was really chill and relaxed! Shots were taken easily and we didn’t have to NG much! HAHA!

Also,  let me say thanks for the Makeup artists Eesha Ke . Thanks for making me chio through out the trip and touching up my makeup whenever! I’m also really glad that they put on light natural makeup and not the wayang type. The hair do was amazing as well, they were so quick and efficient! So thankful to have them!

Before the trip, Wilson and Felicia from AIB accompanied me during the 2 gown fittings at Freida Brides and Style Lease! The gowns looked so dreamy and that got me really excited for the shoot! HAHA That was like a trial run for my wedding shoot next time! LOL! 

From Freida Brides:
The front of this dress has a cowl neckline and with the bareback design it certainly looks really stunning!

The elegant lace floral as off-shoulder and the fabric manipulation at the front makes this dress really sweet and princess like. 

Initially, I was quite worried about the fit of the gown as I am quite petite but these 2 wedding dresses fit me well! 

From Style Lease: This bright red evening gown is definitely a show stopper! It is a bodycon dress with flowy slits starting right after the hips.

The golden embellishment of this dress exudes charm resonating The Great Gatsby. Also, I really love that this dress has a thigh-high slit!

Initially, I was quite worried about the fit of the gowns as I am quite petite but thankfully they all fit me well! 

Anyways! On the day that we were flying off to Bali, met the team (Felicia, Minyi and Wilson)  from AIB and 2 MUAs ( @eeshake & Freda)!

It was an early morning flight and I was just looking forward to catching up with sleep in flight! 

The first thing we did once we reached Bali was to shoot at the waterfall! OMG IT WAS THE FIRST CRAZY THING of the few more to come! HAHAH We were climbing up some rocks to get really really close to the waterfall and get our shots. 


Got a lil rugged by the time we got into our poses but I was SHOOK! I felt like I was living in a Tumblr dream, the cold air made it so exhilarating and damnn I am so lucky to be doing this with my boyfriend as my job! SO SO SO BLESSED! I felt so happy up there on the rocks and I was thanking God for giving me this opportunity!

Some fun and less intense moments by the river! We accidentally knocked off some of the balanced pebbles. Ooopsies.  And I was secretly praying that there weren't any crocodiles! HAHA Paranoid me!

Next stop: Hotel

We finally unpacked and took a mini-break in the hotel before setting off to our next location for BEACH SHOOT! When we arrived at the seaside, that was when I realised that Bali's weather was so cooling and comfortable!

I had so much fun. The waves were so strong but uplifting! And I don't think the inflatable flamingo was doing too well with the waves.

We had to pause between shots to get the right moment where the waves crash in and that was also when we lose our footing quite a bit. And as usual thanks to Zac I stayed alive, he was really making sure that I was safe and not swept away by the currents! <3333

So much danger but fun! 

This is one of the most unforgettable shots ever! The AIB team flew a drone over us and they had to control the drone while being hit by the waves because the tide was just getting high! In the meantime, Zac and I were getting a backscrub by the rocks! AHAHHA! 

So much madness but worth it!

Day 2 was dedicated to the lovely gowns from Freida Brides and StyleLease!

We did a shoot in front of our hotel and Zac had a crash course on how to ride a Scooter bike! He became quite an expert at it within 10 minutes. So yeap, he literally became my "ride or die".

Got Zac all suit up by Benjamin Barker for day 2 as we started off with the evening gowns from Style Lease!

And off we go!!! 

Next to Motel Mexicola...

Always wanted to visit Motel Mexicola, cuzzzzz
Have you been to Bali if you didn't visit the iconic restaurant?

After Motel Mexicola, we made our way to our next shoot location anf we stopped by a roadside store to have some local noodles!

The noodles were so good that i ordered 2 bowls of it or maybe Bali's food portion is really small! HAHAH

So thankful for the whole A-Team! T.T

Reached Tirtha Villa  and I was immediately blown away! Take a look at the photos and you will know!

Just look at the gorgeous view.... OMGGGGGGG!

The villa has really crazy views!! 

The suite was ON POINTE! 

This is the balcony! It's huge! No pics/ vids of the room becuase I posted it on IG story and forgot to save it! HEHE

Btw, if I look tense here it was because I was so afraid that I would fall to my death sitting on the ledge!  >.<

Next up! Wedding gowns from Freida Brides!

And finally our last shoot location with our final gown.

Just in time for the glorious sunset! *inserts heart-shaped eyes*


YAYYYYY!!!! The shoot has ended but we are just starting on our own adventures around Bali!

Had a really amazing dinner with the team and all of us spent our next day together, going for brunch, massage, shopping, and dinner!

I felt so thankful and happy throughout the trip because the people from AIB are so generous and fun loving! I felt so well taken care of! Everyone had so much fun and became friends! :D

This is really an unforgettable trip for Zac and me and we really hope to have such wonderful opportunities again!

Once again, Thank you to: 

Photography and Videography: AndroidsinBoots
White Gowns: Frieda Brides
Evening Gowns: Style Lease
Suits: Benjamin Barker
Makeup: Eesha Ke from EK Makeup StudioFlowers: Flower Corner Bali
Villa Venue: Tirtha Bali

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