Monday, September 17, 2018

I am at a much better place now since the last time I wrote here! 2018 has been so brutal to me but I have grown so much. I know it's not end of the year yet but hey it's September! 2018 went by hella fast! 

I thought I lost so much in 2018, however the fact is the opposite! Besides knowing abut how I should feel and deal with events, I actually pushed myself and forced myself to do what I know I should do but was afraid to do! The results are brilliant and I feel so much stronger!

There are definitely sad days but I just keep telling myself that time will pass and if I keep trying, I will be feeling positive again. ALSO, IT"S COMPLETELY NORMAL TO FEEL MEH ABOUT LIFE! So give yourself a break and don't demand yourself to be happy and bubbly all the time! 

Here's another outfit from Revolve LPA, oh how much I miss Revolve! :(

This is one of the most figure flattering dresses that I own!

Get this dress from Revolve LPA HERE!

Happy Shopping!

 And thank you for reading!

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