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It's all dust and cobwebs here, isn't it? Gosh!

I will be revamping this space soon, ASAP, when I've got the time, which unfortunately is not a resource that I have in abundance, -.-

Hope everyone is doing great or holding up well. I am here to share with you guys my eyesight correction procedures! Yes, procedures with an S

Because the procedures that I did for my eyes are different on each eye!

I did TRANSPRK for my RIGHT eye and

SMILE on my LEFT eye! 

Short Intro to TransPRK and SMILE

TRANSPRK is an ALL laser, no cut, no-touch procedure, using the state of the art German precision technology: The Schwind Amaris 1050RS. It boasts itself as a SAFE, FLAPLESS and BLADELESS. laser vision correction.

SMILE is a minimally invasive approach that does not require the creation of a corneal flap, instead, it creates a lenticule inside the cornea and a small incision, in just one single step. With a pulse frequency of 500 kHz, the ZEISS VisuMax® enables short treatment times, making procedures easy and comfortable for our patients.

Click HERE for a comparison between the 2 procedures.

Getting Started

Before deciding on the procedure, I had to undergo a session of detailed eye evaluation at Clearvision Eye Clinic & LASIK Centre - Dr. Tony Ho, it is a small building beside Mount E hospital at orchard. 

There were so many eye evaluation machines! And the one that I most disliked was the one that tests your eye pressure. Because it literally pumps 1 shot of air (real quick tho) onto your eye, it wasn't painful but the anticipation of getting air blown onto you eyeball just isn't a great feeling. With that said, it isn't that bad and you have to try it to know! >.< HAHAHA!

Click below for a thorough run down of the


Based on my evaluation results, I was told that I would be suitable for TRANSPRK for my RIGHT eye and SMILE on my LEFT eye.

Great! I get to have a taste of both!

Scheduled my surgery to be on 11 Dec 2020. I was told to not wear contact lenses 2-3 days prior to my surgery. Being the kiasu Sinagporean I am, I stopped wearing lenses 2-3 weeks prior to my surgery. 

HELLO! I only have 1 pair of eyes and eye sight is so freaking precious, so I would do anything to make sure that my prep work was done right.

Fast forward to the day itself

We did some more eye tests and, got my eyes cleansed and went through a few different eye drops.
I was also advised to shower and wash my hair before coming for the procedure. You want to be as clean as possible when entering the ops.

Usually, before anything major like this, I wouldn't be nervous UNTIL right before the procedure.
And yeap, it is time to head in!

Let's do this! Let's change my eyesight forever!

Leaving my only pair of precious eyes in the capable hands of Dr Tony Ho and Schwind Amaris 1050RS. I was given a cute cushion to hold onto and tucked under a cosy soft blanket!
This calmed my nerves a little, really appreciated that!

Then, my eyes were kept open by a clamp and because of the numbing eye drops, I didn't feel anything, hence, I didn't feel that my eyes were dry and needed to blink. Phew!

I got positioned in place for TRANSPRK.

During the procedure, I was asked to focus my gaze on a green dot and once the Schwind started doing its thing, my vision gradually got blurry. NO PANICKING because I was constantly assured by Dr Ho and his team that everything is going well and vision getting blurry is the way it is! I felt entirely at ease and before I knew it, IT WAS DONE!

No pain at all! SOOOOO quick! 

Technology is amazing!

After TRANSPRK, they shifted me under the  ZEISS VisuMax®  for SMILE 

For SMILE,  the laser first creates a lenticule a small lens-shaped piece of corneal tissue, and then it seamlessly and very quickly creates a small micro-incision of 2mm.

And here's Dr Ho doing his thing, he skillfully removed the lenticule via the micro-incision.

The whole procedure for SMILE took a little longer. Alike the TRANSPRK , I was asked to focus my gaze on the green light as well, but because this procedure took a lil more time, I could feel myself losing concentration and getting restless. Nonetheless, Dr Ho and his team were very assuring throughout and they kept telling me that I was doing great. 

Around 10 mins later, IT WAS DONE! :DDD

*When I spoke to my friend who did SMILE before me, she felt ok, hence I conclude that it's just me lacking in the ability to concentrate. >.< *

After removal of the clamp, I started blinking my eyes open, all good, I could already tell that my eyesight got better and it felt SURREAL! WOW!

I could also feel that I am more sensitive to light and even in a normally lit room, I felt that it was too bright. All I wanted to do was to close my eyes. 

But we managed a photo! Thank you Dr Ho! :D

After this, Dr Ho did another check on my eye and confirmed that everything went well! YAY!

Dr Ho's staff went through with me my eye drops and the schedule for them. I was also given painkillers and sleeping medication in case I couldn't sleep. There were at least 4 different bottles of eye drops and I had to administer them at intervals of 15 min. Thankfully, I was given a very meticulously drawn out worksheet to follow in case I missed out on anything the staff said as I was distracted by the light sensitivity.

Dat's me when I got home, I could barely look at my phone due to light sensitivity. 

I wore goggles to shower so that no water could get into my eyes, I was so kiasu!

After 1-2 hours, I could feel that my eyes started feeling better. Lucky me, I was able to sleep and did not experience any pain. The painkillers and sleeping medication are both untouched till today. :D


The rest is history and I did recover very well. 

If I were to do it all over again, I would go with TRANSPRK because I love how fast the procedure was, good for people who are prone to anxiety! >.< Even though recovery was more comfortable for SMILE, I do not think that recovery for TRANSPRK was painful/unbearable.

For the nitty-gritty,
I will be uploading my LASIK JOURNEY vlog on my IGTV and Youtube, so stay tuned!

Thank you for reading!  Feel free to drop me a DM on Instagram if you have any questions on TRANSPRK or SMILE!

20/20 VISION!

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